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SOS. Yanomami - Brazilian Health Expeditionaries

On 02/26, the EDS Team formed by 9 volunteers, including doctors, nurses and a biochemical pharmacist, joined the health professionals of the Yanomami DSEI to support the Emergency Action Plan to combat malaria, child malnutrition, child mortality , tungiasis, among other medical needs.

Discussions for the development of the Plan have been carried out since 2021 by SESAI-DSEI YY, when it was defined for EDS to operate in the region of the Catrimani Mission. The DSEI-YY is located in the northern region of Brazil with a territorial extension of 96,649.75 km² with a population of 28,738 indigenous people, distributed in 366 villages, inhabited by five distinct indigenous groups: Sanumã, Ninan, Yawari/Xamathari, Ye´kuana and Yanomami, the most numerous.

The DSEI YY is composed of an Indigenous Health House (CASAI), 37 Base Poles and 78 Basic Indigenous Health Units (UBSI) that assist this entire population. The semi-nomadic aspect of part of this population is one of the factors that hinders the access of health professionals who need more efforts to provide care to children, adults and the elderly, in addition to geographical difficulties. Almost all displacement is by air (helicopter and small aircraft).

This action is a way of acting on an emergency basis in the regions defined as priorities.

We wish good luck to EDS volunteers and DSEI YY for this huge challenge., desnutrição infantil, mortalidade infantil, tungíase, entre outras necessidades médicas.


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