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Vincentians from Campinas and Region meet at Laudato Si Social Center

Despite the cloudy day, the participants in the spiritual retreat held by the South Campinas office of the St. Vincent de Paul Society were enchanted by the beauty of the Centro Social Laudato Si!

The group met at the CSLS in Campinas, SP, for a day of spiritual deepening. As well as exchanging experiences, the aim was to strengthen ties and work by sharing God's love.

The Vincentians, inspired by the father of charity, St. Vincent de Paul, have the mission of bringing material and spiritual assistance to those most in need.

In the Central South of Campinas, the 500 or so Vincentians assist more than 1000 families, totaling 3000 people in situations of social vulnerability receiving food and Catholic spiritual guidance!

Photos & vídeo: Vicentinos Central Sul de Campinas, SP

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