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SOMAR: Practicing the future at AbmthS Social Center

Jardim São Luis

The Sou Mais project has existed for 5 years and emerged when the children of Jardim São Luis; a deprived community in the south zone of São Paulo, who participated in other SOMAR activities; began to grow and demand training for young people and adolescents.

Offering complementary education to young people aged 14 to 20, the project aims to awaken the potential of each one, so that they become protagonists of their personal and professional history.

"Imagine a suitcase, one of those that young people carry, empty... During their participation in the numerous projects offered by SOMAR, such as dance classes, English classes and others, it is in this backpack that they store all the content learned, skills, repertoires and experiences... They fill this bag, and it is from it that they will take everything they need throughout their lives", says Sandra Testa, Sou Mais's Coordinator.

And the results of this project were followed at the event Practicing the Future, a partnership between SOMAR and AbmthS, which took place for the second time at the AbmthS Social Center.

The teenagers arrived shyly, but soon occupied all the spaces of the social center, after all it is impossible to remain indifferent to the beauty of the nature of the place. And the day was especially bright to welcome them.

Throughout the day, divided into groups, they developed a work talking about the socio-emotional skills, which they have learned in the Sou Mais meetings, such as resilience, kindness and discernment and presented to the whole class present.

The presentations surprised by their commitment! When talking to the young people, it is possible to realize how grateful they are to the volunteers and professionals of the entity, for the way they are treated and how this is changing their lives: Respect is a recurring word and feeling among them.

Adlin is 15 years old and has been participating in SOMAR projects for 7 years. When asked about what the project has changed in her life, her answer is objective: "- Before, I didn't see many opportunities for me, now I do! SOMAR prepares me for the future and I know I will get a good job."

If there is a secret to the good results of this project, it can be defined in two attitudes that are closely linked to socio-emotional skills: - Appreciation and Respect! The way they are treated at SOMAR has conquered these young people!

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