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Music, Anelo and the story of Mr. David Sue

Updated: May 25

Saturday afternoon... On Brazil's largest free-to-air TV station, an auditorium show with a vibrant and colorful backdrop attracts attention.

On stage, a young musician performs: - Mr. David Sue, stage name Matheus Cuelbas.

His gaze, hidden by sunglasses, doesn't allow us to see what's going on inside him, but the emotion of Matheus' mother, his brother and everyone in the audience says a lot about the moment.

Matheus is on the autistic spectrum, his diagnosis only came at the age of 14 and this caused him to isolate himself, to escape bullying and also because he didn't fit in with society's “standards”.

Although Matheus' parents were involved in the creation of the Anelo Institute (in Campinas, SP) even before he was born, it was only after he was diagnosed that he began to attend the music center:

After that, the young man started appearing at events with Luccas, talking about autism. And today, as well as being a student at the Anelo Institute, he is a producer, working on the organization of the studio and the songs on the digital platforms.

It's important to know that ASD is a neurological difference that brings a range of unique abilities and perspectives. On the other hand, social and educational structures that are not adapted to meet the specific needs of these people can perpetuate a cycle of exclusion and marginalization.

That's what happened to Matheus, but thanks to music and the encouragement he received at the Anelo Institute, that story has changed.

Music plays a significant role in supporting and developing the abilities of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, improving quality of life and promoting the potential of every person on the spectrum.

The Anelo Institute currently has 17 students with ASD. They don't have a specific project for these children and adolescents; they are all taken in together with the other students, as a way of promoting inclusion and socialization.

The teachers and other professionals who work at the institute are trained to assist them, seeking first to understand the level of support and specificities of each one.

And this is how, in a simple and uncomplicated way, the Anelo Institute has had an impact on the lives of children and teenagers like Matheus, transforming stories that could have been sad into beautiful musical chords. But how many “Matheus” are there in Brazil who don't have the same opportunity to be welcomed?

Videos and photos: Mr. David Sue Social Networks


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