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Mosteiro Nossa Senhora da Paz: A solid foundation for building lives

Updated: May 29, 2023

Surrounded by an immense area of Atlantic forest, the Mosteiro Nossa Senhora da Paz, in Itapecerica da Serra, SP, is a place that radiates peace. But those who think that behind those silent walls there is little going on are quite mistaken.

4:30 in the morning, the bell rings! Prayers begin, and are repeated for seven times each day during the nuns' contemplative routine. Everything is done in order to seek God, following the spirituality of St. Benedict.

But inside the monastery, there is much to be done, whether in the routine of daily work, in the moments of prayer, praise and study, or in the service of assistance to the families who live near the monastery.

From this life in community, there are many stories to be told. Stories of young people who had their lives transformed by the welcome and love of the nuns. But what can be worth even more in this day and age for a young woman? A professional career, travel, beauty, marriage, success, adventure? There is so much to attract them, but many still see the world differently and give themselves to a life dedicated entirely to God.

Such is the case with Sister Rosa Bastianel Biberg, a 25-year-old who came to the monastery in 2015. In 2018 she made her simple monastic profession and now, almost 8 years later, she has made her definitive surrender and virginal consecration.

And for young women today, would embracing Christ forever be enough adventure for a lifetime?

"Saying yes to God is definitely an adventure in faith, in the certainty that I will not be disappointed in my hope, because I know in whom I have believed. Have the courage to say yes to Christ, He works wonders." she adds.

Definitive surrender and virginal consecration of Nun Rosa

Throughout its almost 50 years of existence, many young women have passed through the monastery. Not all have followed religious life, but the love of the Benedictine nuns has left an indelible mark of Christ on the stories of these young women.

Like Maria de Fátima Pereira, 48 years old, who remembers, even now, the day she arrived at the monastery. She was malnourished and had never even been to school when she was taken by her mother, who was raising four children by herself, to work with the nuns.

"Today I work as a Social Security and Civil lawyer. I have earned this title and am who I am today because I received love, affection, dedication and incentive from the nuns of Mosteiro Nossa Senhora da Paz. They gave me a firm foundation of faith, and they taught me dedication, respect, and perseverance. I am grateful to God and to the nuns for having loved and cared for me with so much affection."

Maria de Fátima Pereira

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