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Laudato Si' Social Center: - Building the future, connecting generations

"Memories are part of history, part of the emotional memory of all of us. Bringing back these memories of the elderly is a moment of great learning for everyone at Laudato Si'. After all, by looking back with nostalgic rather than melancholic eyes, we can better direct our actions in the present!"
Juliana Puggina, CS Laudato Si' therapist

Celeste, Simone, Maria do Rosário and Mrs. Izabelta.

Isabelta Neri dos Santos, born in Urandi, BA, is 101 years old and loves dancing forró. She has twelve children, three of whom she adopted from birth. She came to Campinas, SP in 2001, after she was widowed and today takes part in activities for the elderly at the Church of Santo Agostinho in Campinas, SP, together with her daughters Celeste and Maria do Rosário and granddaughter Simone.

The group attends the Laudato Si Social Center once a week. For Dona Beth, as she is affectionately called, the place where the Center is located is a little piece of heaven!

Some time ago, in one of the workshops offered by the Center, where the group was invited to listen to the noises and smell the smells that most caught their attention, the century-old grandmother pointed to the stove as the object that brought back the most emotional memories. And since then, she has expressed her dream of cooking on it.

That's why ABMTHS decided to make Dona Beth's wish come true. Led by Simone, in a wheelchair due to respiratory problems that make her very tired, Dona Beth arrives shyly at the Social Center's kitchen, but when she sees the fire burning, the memories and the desire to cook make her eyes shine!

Even though she was weak, the matriarch made a point of helping to make a cup of coffee. And so, seated in her wheelchair, Mrs. Beth leads and helps her granddaughter Simone with the task she loves so much. For most of her life, the wood-burning stove has been with her. She was brought up and raised her children around one of these stoves, which is why her emotional memories are so attached to the object.

Dona Beth also had a surprise for the other participants in the group: - She, her daughters and granddaughter taught them how to make a recipe that has been in the family for many years and has been passed down from generation to generation, thanks to Grandma's commitment: - The chimango baiano, a mouth-watering cookie made from manioc starch!

Awakening and encouraging memories like this is very important for the health and well-being of older people, as it strengthens family and community ties. By sharing stories and experiences, older people connect generations and promote a sense of continuity.

Remembering happy and meaningful moments can bring comfort and joy, especially in times of loneliness or difficulty. In addition, the act of sharing your memories with others provides a sense of purpose and validation, helping to promote a feeling of personal value and importance.

This is the aim of the work carried out at the Laudato Si Social Center: - To value the elderly, providing emotional well-being and encouraging coexistence.

Mrs. Beth is a living example that respecting, caring for and loving our elderly is the way to a healthy, long and happy life!

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