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It's Christmas... Time to light up the lives of our brothers and sisters!

The time for joy has come. Time to get together with those we love. A time for giving and receiving presents. Time to let the Christmas spirit bloom in our hearts... But much more than that, it's time to celebrate the life of Jesus, who came into the world to save us, and is often forgotten behind the glitter of Christmas decorations. He's the real party!

And because he is the greatest and most generous gift given to humanity, this is the time of year when actions of generosity and solidarity take center stage. Human warmth and love of neighbor intertwine to create stronger bonds throughout the world. But there are some places where this Christmas spirit is present all year round: - In NGOs, foundations and organizations that help others. ABMTHS partners!

For the professionals and volunteers at these organizations, it's Christmas every day, a time to turn their hearts to their brothers and sisters in need, to dedicate their time and efforts to bringing joy to the less fortunate. It's not always easy, but giving up is not an option.

Whether it's distributing food, holding workshops with the elderly, renovating houses to provide families with decent housing, rehabilitating and socializing children with special needs, teaching music to transform lives - all these actions are altruistic gestures of love that shape a truer and more meaningful Christmas.

By lighting up not just Christmas trees, but the lives of those who receive help, ABMTHS and our partners create a network of hope. This collective action not only meets material needs, but also strengthens the social bond, showing that, together, we can overcome challenges and build a truly "brighter" future.

This is the mission of ABMTHS. But for our mission to be realized, we need our partners. They are the ones who, on a daily basis, put into practice everything that ABMTHS believes in and desires:

That Jesus is the Light of the world, it is He who guides, sustains and loves us unconditionally.

That every voluntary act of helping others is a small spark of that greater Light that is Jesus, and that it will strongly illuminate the lives of our brothers and sisters most in need.

May your life never cease to be illuminated by this Light and may the richness of compassion and love for others not be limited to the Christmas season, but persist throughout the year, transforming society into a place where empathy and solidarity become fundamental values.


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