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Instituto Anelo: Music to celebrate Children's Day

On October 12, Children's Day, the Anelo Institute released the song "Brincando de cantar" by Paula Lins. The song proposes a magical journey through memory, childhood and affection, with the aim of bringing up memories and emotions from childhood! Watch the trailer for the song.

The following musicians lent their talents to the making of this video:

Leo Pelegrin - Percussion

Paula Lins: Vocals, guitar and ukulele

Baiá Fagundes: Accordion

Regina: Saxophone

Rômulo: Double bass and transverse flute

Júlia Toledo: Children's choir

Guilherme Ribeiro: Metallophone

Levi: Audio capture

Marlon Rissato: Video editing

To watch the full video, click below.

Comunicação Instituto Anelo

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