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CSMJ distributes love and solidarity to homeless people in Feira de Santana, Bahia

In its last action of 2023, the pastoral care of the street people of Feira de Santana, through the Monsignor Jessé Social Center, distributed 250 meals to the city's population living on the streets. The CSMJ is now going into recess to organize and plan its work, which will only resume in 2024.

But in practice, the work continues: - "When they knock on our door looking for clothes, medicine, tickets, documents and other services, if we have the resources or the possibility to help, we do it," says Fernando Mangabeira of the CSMJ.

As well as meals, hygiene kits and a few treats were distributed to sweeten up the Christmas period a little more for these people. In their backpacks, the homeless received panettone, a box of chocolates and a soft drink, as well as a blanket, deodorant, soap, a razor, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

For employees and volunteers at the Social Center, Christmas is a special time to remember the coming of the One who is always present among us. With him, hope, mercy and compassion spring up in soils of defenselessness, brutality and violence, renewing our strength for the year to come. Because 2023 is over, but the mission continues!

Fonte: Comunicação CSMJ

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