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CDNS: A promise of love to the next

“Trust your luck to the Lord, wait for him, and he will act”, is what it says in verse 5 of Psalm 36, and that's what Cassilda da Silva did when she saw her youngest son in a hospital bed after hearing from the doctors that a risky surgery would need to be performed on her son's head, who was 10 years old at the time.

CDNS - Paulista, Pernambuco

Cau, as she is known by close friends, says that she was very apprehensive at the idea of ​​losing her beloved Lucas. “I was at home and my son decided to go to the field nearby, so he climbed on those safety nets to play, but the pole was loose and with his weight it ended up falling and it fell right on his head”, he reports about what happened. “He walked home, but the blow had been very strong, we took him to the hospital right away, he passed out, vomited blood, it was terrible, I couldn't lose my son this way,” she continued.

Still in the hospital, discredited by the medical team because of the serious condition that Lucas was in, Cau joined her forces and prayed to God, promising him at this moment that if her son got out of that hospital alive, she would do everything she could. reach to please you. She waited on the Lord and her son's healing came, Lucas was released, without sequelae and today two years after what happened, in addition to bringing great joy to his parents, he also helps his mother to fulfill her promise.

God chooses, calls, enables, sends and supplies.

Cau comments on the feeling of needing someone and not having anyone to count on. "It's really bad that you need help and you don't have anyone who can help you, I've been through that, of looking for something to eat inside the house and not having what to give my children", with that, after Fábio's arrival , President of the NGO Comunidade Deus e Nossa Senhora, with the mission of bringing food to people's tables, Cau rolled up his sleeves, gave up his kitchen and donated his time, cooking, serving and taking care of acquaintances and strangers.

Cassilda tells how it all started. “During the pandemic, Fábio came to me, talked about this initiative to help families who were in need, so I offered to do it, not knowing if I would have help or not”, there Cau felt in his heart that serving others would be pleasing to God. With this, meals were made and delivered three times a week in the most serious period of the pandemic, where in addition to fighting the virus, countless families also fought hunger.

The miracles performed by God were not just healing, often, after cooking whole loads of food, Cau found himself worried about missing, about not being enough for everyone in the huge line, but just like the multiplication of the loaves and fish. God provided, and the warm ones fed everyone with plenty.

The project, which came to distribute more than 600 meals a day, continues to take place every Friday, when a line forms in front of Cau's residence for the delivery of fresh and tasty food, which is often the only food that will reach the table of some families on the day. Cau and CDNS are still in the project, and they are waiting for God's providence for donations to increase more and more, so that together they can take food to many more homes.

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