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Anelo students perform at Campinas airport

Those who passed through Viracopos airport in Campinas on September 28 were surprised by the voices of the Anelo Institute's students, who performed in the departure lounge. The announcement event featured a performance by Combo Anelo and the Institute's student orchestra.

The partnership between the Institute and Viracopos International Airport aims to bring more culture and music to passengers passing through the lounge on several different dates, including commemorative dates such as Children's Day and Christmas, which are already approaching.

As part of this project, the concessionaire Aeroportos Brasil, which manages Viracopos, will place a piano near the Food Court so that passengers who wish can play the instrument and share their art before embarking on their journeys.

The idea is to provide a unique and memorable experience for passengers using the airport and to showcase the talent of the children and teenagers studying at Anelo.

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