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1st SouMais Meeting brings together SOMAR Brasil students

Day 06/25/22 – Saturday, we had our 1st external meeting of SouMais and it was a great success. 44 students (70% of the students in the program) and 10 adults were present to organize and conduct the event. The meeting took place at Sítio Jambeiro, owned by ABMTHS itself. The theme of the meeting was – Virtues for life.

However, we had 4 preparatory events for the 06/25 event:

Event 1 - Days 29 and 04/30/22 - In my suitcase I will take...

We started the work of virtues, creating a dynamic where students would need to think about what they would need to carry in their “bag” in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

Event 2 - Days 05/14/22 - Lives that inspire

The students were divided into groups and each group watched a video of people who overcame their difficulties and won in life. Then, each group needed to present the story to the other groups and say what virtues the character in the video had used to overcome difficulties.

Event 3 - Day 05/20/22 - The virtues in practice

The students participated in a mock job interview. After the activity, they could see that this was a moment where they needed to use the virtues and baggage they had to resolve the situation.

Event 4 - Days 03 and 06/11/22 - Defining virtues

Divided into groups, the students were given several problem situations where they should suggest which virtues could be used to solve the issues.

The groups also received "cards" with the definitions of the virtues and made the "match" between the problem situations and the virtues.

Each group presented the situations, the virtues and their definitions to the others.

Master Event – 06/25/22 – Sítio Jambeiro – ABMTHS

The event started at 10 am with the arrival of young people from São Paulo.

We started with the welcome and blessing of Fr. Alexandre Arosa.

The students were gathered in the main hall and watched the inspirational video - Edu Lyra's Success Trajectory. Then they were divided into groups and passed through 6 stations with dynamics to recognize and use the virtues. An intense and fun program. The event ended at 18:00 with a conversation about the day's learning, the delivery of gifts and the final blessing.

It was a very special day for both the young people and the team that worked on the construction and development of the event. The feedback from young people and their families was that they loved the experience and wanted to participate in other events like this.


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