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Ponte preta S21 Futsal down: - Brazil is three times world champion in Turkey

The Brazilian team, athletes and coaching staff, was made up of representatives of down futsal teams from all over the country, and Ponte Preta was very well represented.

The team's debut at the World Cup in Turkey took place on March 21, International Down Syndrome Day!

The date has been on the United Nations calendar since 2012, at the suggestion of Brazil, and was not chosen by chance, as it makes an analogy with trisomy 21, an alteration of chromosome 21 that causes the genetic condition Down's syndrome.

In the six games played, Brazil had a 100% record, scoring 51 goals and conceding just 16. In the final game, against the home team, Turkey, Brazil won 7-4.

Pivot Renato Gregório, a Ponte Preta S21 player, scored 29 goals in the World Cup. And he was voted the star of the competition!

In addition to him, winger Rafael Gava, physiotherapist José Pexotão and sports photographer Marcos Ribolli, who are part of the Ponte Preta team, were part of the Brazilian squad at this World Cup.

In four editions of the Down Futsal World Cup, Brazil won for the third time, establishing itself as the best team in the category. And Ponte Preta S21 has contributed to this result, honing great athletes such as Renato, Rafael and many others who have passed through the team and will pass on!

"Be the change you want to see in the world!"

Ponte Preta S21

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