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Laudato Si Social Center and St. Joachim Sant'Ana Parish: A Moment of Encounter with God

With the presence of adult catechists and around 25 adult catechists, the parish of São Joaquim and Sant'Ana, in Campinas, SP, held a retreat at the Laudato Si Social Center last Sunday.

The blue skies, the mild temperature and the natural surroundings gave the participants a moment of encounter with God.

Following Ignatian spirituality, the retreat was led by Claudio Cassemiro, from the CLC of Campinas, and offered moments of prayer together, personal prayer, moments of reflection on the Word in nature and group sharing.

To end this very special day, Father Alexandre Souza e Silva de Moura celebrated Holy Mass. There was also room for a small celebration of catechist Sandra Marques' birthday.

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