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Crafts course for women resumes activitie (CSMMR)

By Lucas Thaynan The classes of the fillet, beads and crochet workshops - strong handicrafts of Alagoas culture - returned at the end of March, after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The activities are offered to women, weekly, at the Centro Social Madre Maria Rosa (CSMMR), in Maceió.

In total, 20 women who live in situations of social vulnerability participate in the activities, whose main objective is to provide a new source of income. “It is a great joy for us and for the women to be able to resume the journey of learning in the Northeastern and Alagoas handicrafts, which have a history and a culture that values ​​the artisan”, says Joana Pundyk, coordinator of the Social Center.

“Now that we are all vaccinated and the level of contagion is very low, we decided to resume workshops with women. This is important because they have this time all to themselves. And also because this work values ​​the person and they are learning something that could, in the future, be a source of income, in addition to developing their natural talent”, explains Joana.

Ludmila André, one of the women participating in the workshops, talks about the importance of these activities for her personal and professional development. “At home we learn nothing new. But here it's different, I have this great opportunity to do something really new and learn a craft, which I didn't have before. And you can even earn money, and that is very important for us”.

For workshop teacher Andreia Cavalcante, being able to resume these activities is something that gives her satisfaction and joy. “For me it is a pleasure to share a little of what we know. And every week we also learn from them. It is very gratifying when we see that they learn something that can become a craft. I also always say that art is therapy. When we are working with art, no matter how many problems we have, it helps us in concentration and, above all, in our physical and mental health”.


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