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AbmthS provides a new space for partners to develop their projects

"All things were made through Him; without Him, nothing that exists would have been made." John 1:3

The AbmthS site became a reality about 5 years ago. The space, which has belonged to the Association for many years, was in precarious conditions. As it was not surrounded by walls, a lot of trash and debris was dumped in the area. Only after a major renovation did the space reach what it is today.

And nothing prepares us for the sensation we feel when the gate opens: - Before our eyes stretches a beautiful lawn and a lake that immediately conveys peace to us. The silence is overwhelming! And the singing of the birds invites us to contemplate the perfect work of God, called Nature!

The idea is that the partners can, in this space, develop more social and spiritual actions with the population they serve, who most of the time do not have a large and quiet space that allows them to relax and feel closer to God.

For this, the site counts on its natural beauty and facilities that allow outdoor dynamics and a large hall for meetings and training. The space also has an area that will be used for the construction of a chapel, which can be used by the residents of the neighborhood where the site is located.


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