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Missionaries of the Holy Rosary

Feira de Santana - BA

The work of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary is based on four values:

I respect life;





They currently have several projects, including:



The prison ministry has weekly visiting activities at the Feira de Santana prison, where there are over 1,800 (one thousand eight hundred) prisoners.



The Mãos Unidas Social Project continues to function with the significant strength of members of the Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro community. 


This year's main activities were: 



Soccer boys are growing in numbers and maturity. They play every Saturday.  They look forward to this day with great joy. Coach and teacher Juracy, is  excellent and very dedicated in his work with the boys. In addition to the football game, it always starts with sharing the word of God. The sport consists of the following: (a) the sharing of God's word, (b) the game, (c) lunch at the end of the game, and (d) ending with closing prayer.



Due to the country's political and economic crisis, many women with their children are in need and asking for help to survive. The Mãos Unidas project welcomes and helps them not only by giving them food, but also by teaching them various things, such as:  handicrafts, massages and techniques to relieve body aches. The project also provides psychological care and collaborates with the preservation of the environment, using, for example, used oil to make cleaning products. In addition, we visit the young people's families to try to help them to have a more dignified life.

Construction of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Community Center 

This is a great need for the community and the construction will provide better service to the needs of the needy people in the neighborhood in the areas of pastoral and social work. I joined this community eight years ago, always paying rent to carry out this social project.  With God's grace, we started building the center at the end of last year.  We are struggling to complete this work of God. We are working so that, by the end of the year, we can move to the Community Center. Thus, we will stop paying rent, and we will be paying for water and energy consumption.



Telephone: (+55) 75 99700-0010


Praça João Marinho Falcão, 59, Chácara São Cosme

CEP: 44004-168 

Feira de Santana – Bahia – Brazil

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