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Founded in 2006 by the family of Maria and Tsu Hung Sieh, ABMTHS aims to promote human potential among the most needy in Brazil. The Association provides financial support, technical assistance, and partnership to entities, projects and leaders that contribute positively to the transformation and social justice of the country.



From China to Brazil

Tsu Hung Sieh was born 1911, in Jiang Yin, a township 150 miles from Shanghai, China. His father, who owned large areas of farm land, unwittingly fell victim to opium addiction, and lost all the inherited fortune by the time Tsu Hung was born.​

Tsu Hung was taken out of school at 14 to become an apprentice in commerce to earn support for his family. He astutely learned the skills of trading yarns and taught himself to speak English. 

At age 22 he married Maria Wei-Ghi Chang, the daughter of a devout Catholic family in the Jesuit Mission of Zicawei, Shanghai. The Sieh Family grew and the business also prospered. In addition, both husband and wife worked diligently in the development and formation among the many Missions of the Catholic Church in China.

Though the association “ABMTHS” was constituted only in 2006 - two years after Tsu Hung´s death, the seed was actually planted three years earlier, in a truly memorable event celebrating the couple´s 70th Wedding Anniversary.  There, before guests and friends with their entire family of four generations of offspring, Tsu Hung Sieh declared openly in Portuguese: 


“…To Brazil and its people, I am forever grateful for welcoming me and my family so generously.  It is a debt that I, an old man, can no longer repay, but I will ask that my children and grandchildren do so by helping the poor and the needy…"

Tsu Hung Sieh – August 2003

MISSION                                           what we do

To promote human potential among the most needy of Brazil by:
  • Funding select organizations of good works
  • Developing a network of relationships to share resources, foster communication and share best-practices
  • Empowering leadership for mutual sustainability and growth

VISION          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Why we exist and what we aspire to 

“To confide in a promising future for Brazil and to be continuously inspired by the generosity, endurance, and hope of the people we serve. We aspire to serve by being Present, together with our History and Promise, for only then, can we engage life as truly real.”  

VALUES                          How we operate

  • Service –we are called to serve our partners and their beneficiaries; we believe authentic service inspires others to serve.
  • Excellence –we uphold a passionate commitment to the causes we support through our partners and aspire to operate with excellence in all we do.
  • Transparency –to be open, honest, accessible and consistent with what we believe and what we stand for.
  • Sustainability –we take a long-term systemic view of social transformation and believe that successful change must be self-sustaining.
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