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Expedicionários da Saúde

Campinas - SP
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Phone: (+55) 19 3298-6033



Rua Dr. Heitor Penteado, 1300 - Joaquim Egídio - Campinas/SP

CEP: 13108-002

The Expeditionary Health Association - EDS is a Brazilian non-profit organization created in 2003 by a group of volunteer doctors, whose goal is to bring specialized medicine, especially surgical care, to the indigenous populations living in the Brazilian Amazon. It is a complementary service to health care programs and aims to avoid the need for the patient and his family to travel, not always viable, to urban centers.

Qualified as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), Expedicionários da Saúde implemented the Operando da Amazônia Program in 2004, based on a partnership established with institutions responsible for local health as well as the Special Indigenous Sanitary District (DSEI), Secretariat of Attention Indigenous Health (SESAI - Ministry of Health - MS), Indigenous District Councils (CONDISE - FUNAI) and Ministry of Defense (MS).

Mission: Bring specialized medical care, especially surgical, to indigenous populations living geographically isolated, with excellence in quality of services and responsible management.

Vision: To create a referential model of specialized medical care for populations living geographically isolated.

In order to serve populations that live far from surgical centers, the Health Expeditionaries developed a Mobile Surgical Center, adapted to their needs, transported and mounted specially for this action. It is a form of innovative work, first used in Brazil by a civil organization.

Up to May 2018 40 expeditions were carried out, with a total of 7,457 surgeries and 51,747 visits. The largest number of surgeries occurs between the ophthalmology and general surgery specialties, as well as pediatric, orthopedic and gynecological surgeries of medium complexity. Clinical appointments are also performed in various specialties.

In 2010, the Health Expeditionaries mobilized and carried out 7 SOS Haiti Expeditions to assist the victims of the January earthquake in Haiti. A total of 359 surgeries and 1407 consultations were carried out from January to October, where 78 professionals were sent to the city of Les Cayes

In addition to the volunteer doctors, Expedicionários da Saúde counts on the support of other professionals and institutions that help to make its program viable, as well as the sponsorship of socially responsible companies, institutions and individuals.

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