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Projeto Tive Fome, takes food and affection to people who live on the streets

Every Friday night, a group of people, mostly young people, travel the main streets and avenues of Campinas, SP, to deliver a small donation to people in need street: - A snack, a juice or chocolate milk, a cup of coffee and a few minutes of attention, affection and a little conversation to warm the hearts of those who find themselves in a situation of exclusion.

This initiative has been in existence for 10 years and it only happens with the collaboration of people who donate, in addition to bread, coffee and juice, their time and care to look with love at the people who live on the streets. Any help is very welcome, even more so now with the arrival of colder nights.

To participate in the project, just arrive at Rua Custódio Teixeira, 483, in Campinas, every Friday at 8 pm. Anyone who wants to contribute with donations can enter the project page on Instagram to find out how to donate.

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