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Parsifal, ABMTHS and Gabriel: A sharing of life...

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Gabriel da Silva Rangel was born on July 13, 2001. Son of Daniela Rangel, a young mother, the boy was raised with his maternal grandparents, who were and still are the foundation for his life.

During his childhood and early teenage years, Gabriel attended regular public schools, without much success. His life began to change in the second half of 2016, when his grandfather came to Parsifal, because he was sure that his grandson could "be guided in life" there.

Gabriel was 14 years old. A beautiful boy with significant learning difficulties due to intellectual disability. Financial difficulties were just another detail in the history of this family from the outskirts of São Paulo.

Realizing that his grandson needed help and unable to afford it, Gabriel's grandfather sought Parsifal, which in partnership with AbmthS opened its doors and heart to welcome the shy, resentful and hurt boy, who felt unable to achieve anything in life, because of the constant "bullying" of schoolmates.

Then began the long road of development for the boy: - Music therapy, art therapy and baking, where Gabriel showed great talent, were some of the workshops the boy attended in the seven years he was at Parsifal.

Sponsored by Dr. Thomas Sieh, from AbmthS and always supported by the professionals and volunteers of Parsifal, where it is possible to feel the affection, commitment and competence for the development of its assistants, Gabriel found welcome and courage to fight and fulfill his dream: - To be able to work to support himself and help his family.

But why would this be so difficult for a boy willing to change his life?

Due to the violence suffered in public school, where he was always judged as incapable, Gabriel was unable to be literate. And for his dream to come true, this achievement was still missing.

With the support of the psychopedagogue Suely and all the other therapists, today he is literate! And with a lot of self-esteem, he is proactive, interested, educated and observant.

A few months ago, Gabriel's dream came true: - Parsifal's goal of inserting him into the labor market was achieved and he works at the Outback restaurant.

Every week, he visits the Parsifal family to tell them about his achievements and seek guidance to learn how to deal with the world of work and its challenges.

The serious, bruised boy has given way to a smiling young man! And Parsifal's therapists and volunteers are very happy to be part of Gabriel's story.

And to celebrate Gabriel's 22nd birthday, he met Dr. John Sieh, current president of AbmthS, in a meeting with lots of chat, smiles, gifts and even a thank you letter! Another moment of sharing life between the friends of Parsifal, AbmthS and Gabriel...

*Text produced in partnership with Parsifal

*Layout created in partnership with Sérgio Fernandes

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