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Once upon a time - Espaço Viva Mulher

By Elíude de Almeida Bastos[1]

A woman went to see a work carried out at Espaço Viva Mulher. When invited, she resisted a lot until accepting the invitation made numerous times. The first time she came was at a Social Action held at Espaço Viva Mulher. At this moment, she was attended by a doctor who received her with a hug, listening and a lot of attention. This Woman suffered from body pain and a lot of sadness because she bore the suffering of the deaths of her mother and her husband. She was depressed, and she didn't know it. She participated in the interactive Rodas, lectures, manicure and makeup services and assistance from psychologists. Today, she is part of the volunteer work, she is strengthened and collaborates with the strengthening of other people. Look what she says about Espaço Viva Mulher:

“Missionary Spirituality lived in Espaço Viva Mulher leads not only to the contemplation of the loving mystery of Christ, but also leads people to integrate themselves into his mission, repeating in the different opportunities where there is suffering and exclusion, the action of the solidary Christ that pity the weak, oppressed and impoverished by the maladjustments of society, and by the lack of diverse opportunities”.

The missionary spirituality of Espaço Viva Mulher also requires the daily exercise of getting rid of all situations of prejudice and exclusion. It provokes the sharpening of the eyes of those who perceive between sadness and depression, and even behind hidden smiles the hopelessness, disenchantment, and fatigue that cloud the eyes of so many sons and daughters of God, in the corners of suffering. Therefore, the missionary Spirituality practiced there at Espaço Viva Mulher, awakens the vigor and courage of those who are standing, to approach, welcome and care for people who are down, and bring them to the midst of healthy and fraternal coexistence.

[1] The experience shared here expresses the experience of the author of this text at Espaço Viva Mulher. It is an account that tells how the author reflects and feels the spirituality experienced here. Elíude is a volunteer at Espaço Viva Mulher and is responsible for the spirituality dimension, developing biblical meetings with the team and women served.

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