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International Day of the Elderly at Laudato Si Social Center

The first week of October was especially busy at the Laudato Si Social Center in Campinas. The social projects of various AbmthS partner organizations used the space for special activities to commemorate the International Day of Older Persons.

Bem Viver - Paróquia Santo Agostinho - Campinas, SP

The lively group began the celebration with a warm-up and a walk around the lake. There was even a photo to commemorate the couple's 38 years of marriage, a sharing of God's word, a snack, a soap-making workshop and lots of fun!

Centro Social Romília Maria - Campinas, SP

The meeting of Romilia Maria's elderly group began with a moment of prayer and a lively bingo. A snack and lots of good conversation rounded off the meeting. This was the first time the group had visited Laudato Si, and everyone was delighted with the nature of the place.

Tecendo Redes - MAE Maria Rosa - Campinas, SP

Around 80 elderly people, who are part of the Weaving Networks project, took part in the activities at the Laudato Si Social Center. Their joy was already visible on arrival, during the warm-up.

And throughout the morning's activities, they showed with great enthusiasm why they are now in the "best age"...

Taking advantage of the date, which also marked the 20th anniversary of the Statute of the Elderly, the projects' discussion groups tackled the issue of the rights established for the elderly.

The result was that most people don't know about the statute, and the poorer the elderly person, the less they know about it and many who have "heard of it" think that, because they have a family, they don't need it.

But it's always good to remember that the rights established by the Statute are for everyone over the age of 60, regardless of whether or not the person has a good financial situation or support from their family.

Among the rights established by the statute, the best known is the right to preferential care. But the statute guarantees much more than this, which is why it's important to get informed and enforce the laws. Below is a summary of the rights guaranteed to the elderly by the statute.

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