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In the rhythm of Carnival, the Combo Anelo Group launches a reinterpretation of a brazilian carnival march

How about embarking on a nostalgic Carnival? The kind you used to enjoy at the bandstand in the square, with lots of marchinhas and joy? This is the proposal of the Anelo Institute, Campinas, SP, which is launching a new version of "Oh, abre alas", a famous composition by Chiquinha Gonzaga, on all music platforms on February 10 (Carnival Saturday).

"Oh, abre alas", the first song composed by Chiquinha, was created in 1899 and to this day, one hundred and twenty-five years later, its verses are still sung at Brazilian carnivals!

Picture: Kaique Brito Santos

The Anelo Combo, under the direction of Vinicius Corilow, and with the participation of the talented students of the Anelo Institute, presents in this reinterpretation an original arrangement by the composer herself, which has never been recorded.

Check out the video below for a short preview of this work, which you can watch in full from tomorrow on all music platforms in the country or on Instituto Anelo's You Tube (link at the end of the article).

'Information and video: Anelo's Instagram

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