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Expedicionários da Saúde - Programa Tele-Floresta: The first mission of 2024

At the end of January and beginning of February, EDS carried out its first mission of the year in the Amazon rainforest. The Tele-Floresta Program provided remote medical care to the indigenous people of Alto Rio Negro, AM. The "guardians of the forest" were attended to by doctors from the south-east of the country.

During the trips, patients were also screened for the next surgical expedition in the region.

During this edition of Tele-Floresta, 45 consultations were held in the specialties of medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology and endocrinology. Screening identified more than 240 patients in need of general surgery (especially hernias) and/or ophthalmology (cataracts and/or pterygium).

Text and Photos: EDS Communication

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