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Comunidade de Deus e Nossa Senhora: Bucho Cheio Project invades the streets of Recife

One more Pastoral Work of the Comunidade Deus e Nossa Senhora went to the streets of Recife, offering food to those who need it most. Each packed lunch delivered is rewarded with a smile, a look of relief, even if only for a moment, from those who would not even have enough to eat that day.

It is in these pastoral activities that the Community of God and Our Lady, as a Church, carries out its mission to continue the action of Jesus Christ in the world. Through it, it is also possible to continuously relive the miracle of multiplication.

"There are many times when we think that there won't be enough meals, that there won't be enough for everyone, but Jesus Christ enters with his mercy and works the miracle of distributing the meals to everyone", comments Fábio da Silva, during the initiative.

*Text and photos: CDNS

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