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CDNS and Paróquia Jesus Cristo Bom Pastor join forces to offer food, dignity and love to the homeless.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The Pastoral of Comunidade Deus e Nossa Senhora e a Paróquia Jesus Cristo Bom Pastor, in Paulista, PE, teamed up to take around 900 meals and clothes to homeless people in Recife.

But what made this good deed even more special was the time spent talking, listening to the homeless people's stories and saying a prayer together. It was much more than simply offering food and clothes. It was a genuine gesture of care and compassion.

The shared prayer was a powerful moment of connection and hope. Gathered in faith, everyone called for a better, fairer and more equal future, regardless of the difficulties faced.

This union is an example of how small actions of solidarity can have an impact on people's lives. May this inspiring collaboration motivate others to come together to help those most in need, building a more compassionate and caring world together.

Text and video: CDNS Communication

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