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Audiobook "Gritos da Guerra", recorded in the Anelo Institute studio, debuts on streaming platform

Updated: Mar 11

The book by Gustavo Gumiero, a PHD in sociology and writer, "Shouts of war - The Russia-Ukraine conflict in the voice of women who suffer", aims to give a voice to women whose lives have been affected by the conflict, which has been going on for two long years.

The idea for this book came about when Gustavo was preparing to visit Moscow in 2022 and the war broke out. The sociologist traveled despite the conflict and spoke to six women there who told their stories and suffering.

Anelo's participation came about after Luccas Soares, the institute's founder, invited Gustavo to use the institute's studios to record the book on audio. This led to the idea of using the voices of women who work on Anelo's projects (teachers and collaborators) to tell the stories of Ukrainian women.

Simone Janita, Singer and Anelo collaborator, who took part in the recording of the audiobook

For the writer, the female narrative of such a sad moment in the history of the two countries is a faithful portrayal of what happens to ordinary people in a war and, above all, shows the strength and resilience of women.

The audiobook is just over three hours long and can be listened to on Gustavo Gumiero's Spotify by scanning the code below.

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