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Alissa, a life transformed by music from the Anelo Institute

"Anelo means inspiration, desire, will..."

In the two decades of its history, the Anelo Institute has had a profound impact on the lives of many young people. One of them is Alissa Gondim Macedo. At 21 years of age, she is married to musician Marcos and the mother of Zarael, a beautiful 7-month-old baby girl.

Alyssa began going to the institute at the age of 9, and there she learned several instruments, such as the melodica and piano, and also to sing. At age 15, she began to have episodes of anxiety, depression, and she developed eating disorders that drove her away from everything and everyone, including her music classes. It was during this period of conflicting emotions that she ended up getting into drugs.

But, it was thanks to the persistence of Luccas Soares, founder of the institute, who, when he realized that Alyssa was missing too many classes and would soon lose her place at the institute, went to her home to look for her, that she returned. She continued at Anelo, where she always felt welcome, became closer to God, and was able to heal herself, changing her story!

Alyssa, your husband Marcos and your daughter Zarael.

Alyssa recognizes the importance of Anelo in her life: "Between all the comings and goings, I always came back to the institute, because I knew that there were people there that I could count on. It was there that I created life-long bonds. The music that I learned is still with me. I give lessons, play and sing in church and, wherever they call me, I go with great pleasure! I have already substituted teachers at Anelo and I intend to return to teach there again! God used that place and Luccas to change my life, so that I could be here now, telling my story!"

Nowadays, Alissa uses her social networks to share the word of God through the songs she plays and sings. She also shares a bit of her story as a help to other young people, who may be going through the same problems that she faced.

The music she learned in her years at the Anelo Institute is an integral part of her life; in her day to day, Alissa and her husband breathe musical notes and melodies! Alissa has several compositions that she promises to make public some day; but for now she sings, praising and thanking God for a new chance at life. She also tries to pass on her love of music to her daughter, Zarael, so that music may be an instrument of transformation in the baby's life, as it was for her.

Mother and daughter's moment with the music

It is because of stories like Alissa's, the Anelo Institute remains firm in its goal: to be a place of transformation of lives, a place of belonging, of inclusion and empowerment, where all young people, regardless of race, creed, or ideology, with inspiration, desire, and will, can dream and achieve a better future through music and respect.

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