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2023: House moving and a lot of work, at Centro Social Madre Maria Rosa

2023 started out hectic for the CSMMR. After many preparations, in February they moved into a new house: - "Since October 2021 we were looking for a bigger house, because the owner of House 2 informed us that he was going to sell the house and that left us very tight in one. And when we least expected it, a house on the same street was put up for rent. The new space has fewer walls dividing the internal environments, so more people can fit in the 3 spaces for group activities," says Sister Joane.

The activities for the children and adolescents and the adult literacy activities began on February 13 after an intense week of organizing the new house and planning the activities for 2023. With much joy and willingness, the participating children and teenagers were welcomed in a rite of passage from the old house to the new one and the introduction of each one of the group. This year, the Center has a new, very participative and lively group of 10 children and teenagers!

The best carnival of Maceió

As usual, Carnaval was celebrated with much joy. For the children, "The best Carnival in Maceió!" They heard about safety in Carnival time, decorated the house, made masks and participated in a Frevo workshop. There was also an afternoon of games and it all ended with a Carnaval Ball, with everyone dressed up, happy and full of energy.

Thematic Weeks

In the first week of March, some rounds of conversation were held about the CSMMR, the values and proposal of the project, with the intention of creating an environment of peace and joy in the Social Center. The rest of the month was divided into thematic weeks according to the interests of the group and the significant or celebratory dates, such as women's week, school week, and health week.

Handicraft workshops for children, teenagers and adults

In March the workshops on bracelets, beaded key chains, and tapestry for children returned. In addition to these, the center started offering crochet, mosaic, embroidery, and filet workshops again. In all, 25 women are participating in these meetings, which in addition to valuing handicraft work, offer an opportunity to develop the participants' artistic talent, concentration, patience, and self-esteem.

Spirituality activities

And suddenly, April comes, Holy Week and Easter: - A good time to reflect on the story of Jesus' Passion. After two days of preparation, as usual, the elders of the class acted out the last supper of Jesus with his disciples. With bread and wine (grape juice), we remembered the institution of the Eucharist.

This is how the first four months of 2023 were lived in the Mother Mary Rose Social Center, always with much joy in welcoming, educating and caring for others!

*text produced with the cooperation of CSMMR

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